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Since I will be moving into a new place soon, I’ve been really focusing on trying to minimize my material possessions so I can start fresh. I want to live a clean simple life with quality over quantity as my motto when it comes to the things that I own. Ever since I was little, I have been a collector of the items that I love as well as being somewhat of a pack rat. I have pretty much extinguished my pack rat quality over the past several years which is a plus since I’m trying to lighten my load.

The way that I have been “purging” my load is simply donating what I don’t use or want anymore and using up products before buying anything new. It’s so refreshing to get rid of stuff! For instance, once I run out of a bottle of perfume, lotion or tube of lipstick, I will not purchase another so I can slowly widdle my collections down to only having a select few of each item. Having each room of my house clean with only the necessities out in the open and the rest neatly stowed away is such a lovely thought! I am still living in slight chaos and will not be able to fully manifest my vision until I’m all moved in. Until then, I will be enjoying what I have, using up products and looking forward to when I can move in and have a clean, organized home with no clutter and minimal possessions!