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It’s very common to hear people complaining about how much they dislike Sunday evenings because of the simple fact that work, school or both are looming in the very near future. In general, weekends are wonderful but as it gets to be early evening on Sunday, the mood changes. I still tend to find myself having slight, yet quick feelings of dread which come and go on Sunday evenings. I have nothing to fear or worry about but I think that years of having to go to bed early and face school or past horrible jobs the next day has conditioned my brain to automatically go to the dark side temporarily. Although these feelings are fleeting, I have noticed that over the past few years I’ve really started to enjoy Sundays!

I think what I enjoy is that a fresh new week is about to begin. Preparations will begin during the day in the form of picking up any items I may need at the store or simply just running errands. At home I will make sure everything is clean and organized. Laundry is usually on the list of things to do as well. Once my home is in order and dinner has been consumed, an evening walk to relax and contemplate is in store. The soothing night air is always wonderful in the summer and the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday night. Once I get home it’s wine and candle time! Falling asleep at bedtime is usually not too horribly difficult since I make sure that the coffee that I consumed earlier in the day was a dark roast ( less caffeine). Starting the week off right and getting to bed at at good time is a must!

All in all I love the the “cleansing” process that I go through when ending the week on Sunday. I spend the day having fun as I usually try to do on the weekends with added preparations for the week ahead. The time spent mentally and physically preparing helps me ease back into the week with a happy outlook. Monday mornings I always wake up refreshed and feeling ready for my fresh start. A whole new week to eat well, work out and accomplish as much as possible while staying positive!