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Yes, I’m afraid so. It baffles me how much product people must be throwing away everyday because of bad packaging/ faulty design. I’ve blogged about this very topic before because it’s amazing, fun and borderline sad. Behold, my Friday night…

IMG_4101The above image is extreme, a tad bit frightening, yet ridiculously effective after the procedure has been completed…


I had been using the Ulta brand Extreme Wear Eye Shadow Primer since around January and had been really struggling to get any product out of the bottle with the sponge tip wand. I swear, I rotated, jammed and wedged that wand in the bottle at every possible angle to get the primer out. Recently it had gotten to the point of pure annoyance so I whipped out my handy saw and went to work.

Take a look at the picture above. I was pretty sure this tube was near empty but the amount of product that I dug out was INSANE!! I filled one full sample jar that I had on hand as well as half of another! This primer is fantastic to begin with so I know that I will be using these little jars for at least another 4-5 months. There really was that much primer left! This makes me think of all the people that don’t saw their “empty” bottles in half and throw the spent tube away. What a waste! This has me thinking of mascara bottles too since they are designed the same way.  Something to think about!

When I run out of these two little jars I will be purchasing the squeezable Urban Decay Primer Potion bottle as my next eye shadow primer!



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