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Vidal Sassoon

I’ve been using drugstore shampoo and conditioner for the past few months now since I’m trying to save money. I really don’t notice a difference in my hair when it comes to high to mid end shampoos to be quite honest. Some drugstore shampoos actually seem to work better for me than the ones that cost substantially more!

I always look for products that are volumizing since my hair is thick yet fine, oily and has the tendency to get flat. When blow drying, I always flip my head upside down to infuse it with as much volume as possible. On the days that I don’t blow dry, my hair will air dry with a slight wave on the bottom half and FLAT on top. This is not the look that I want, BUT I’ve found the perfect solution to this problem! This Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume shampoo and conditioner! The shampoo lathers so much that it’s almost ridiculous but it makes me feel like my hair is getting very clean. When I blow dry after using this shampoo my hair does have more volume than other shampoos that I’ve used. The trick that has been working for me is washing, conditioning and then avoiding any leave in conditioner. After my hair is completely air dried I will take my Conair cushion brush with ball tip bristles and brush it out completely, flip my head over, shake it, flip back up and am left with extremely volumized, slightly wavy hair! It’s amazing! I’ve tried this technique after using other shampoos and conditioners but have yet to notice the intense volume that I’ve been wanting to achieve till now!

I say give these a try! The price is great and best of all the outcome after your shampoo is fantastic!



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