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Candles and LotionLast weekend I purchased two new Bath & Body Works candles as well as a bottle of lotion. This was a complete impulse buy as I wasn’t on the hunt for any new candles and I’m working on using up the lotions that I already have. The candles that I picked out were “Rio Glow” and “Meet Me In Tahiti”. The Bath & Body Works website describes these scents as…

Rio Glow- “A tantalizing blend of tropical mango, papaya and guava as vibrant as Rio’s Carnival!”

Meet Me In Tahiti- “Escape to paradise with the lush fragrance of Tahitian petals Monoi blossoms and sweet vanilla. No passport required!”

As for the lotion, “Capri Seaside Citrus” I already had the travel size bottle and have been really enjoying  the scent. Since this isn’t a permanent collection item, I felt the need to get the full size bottle. The fragrance is not too overwhelming like some of the Bath & Body Works scents so it’s perfect for an all over body lotion for spring and summer. The Bath & Body Works website describes this scent as  “A sunny seaside escape of fresh citrus, juicy nectarine & orange flower”. I am a huge fan of citrus scents when it comes to lotions, body washes and perfumes so of course I couldn’t pass this one up!


It’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner! It’s always so much fun to have yummy smelling candles and lotions to go with the seasons!



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