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Body Splashes

The last step to my daily morning routine is spritzing on perfume or body splash. During the fall and winter I reach for perfume vs. body splashes 90% of the time. I like having a heavier scent when the weather is chilly. In the past, when spring and summer roll around, I still wear perfume but incorporate my collection of splashes every couple of days.

This spring I’ve pretty much been wearing body splash on a daily basis. I love the light, cool and refreshing aspect of this kind of fragrance vs. a more concentrated  heavier feeling perfume. Another reason why I’ve been so into splashes lately is because I have added 2 new ones to my collection which I have literally been obsessed with. They are included in the 5 favorites that I have been rotating between lately…

Bath & Body Works “Coco Cabana”– This fragrance is no longer available at Bath & Body Works. They tend to bring back some of their older classic scents from time to time during sales around the holidays which is nice. This scent is sweet, fresh and light!

Bath & Body Works “Strawberry Lemonade”  Unfortunately, this is another scent that is not available anymore in the permanent collection. This is one of my all time favorite spring and summer body splashes! It actually smells like strawberry lemonade, the perfect sweet and crisp combo!

Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell”  This is probably the most popular scent that Victoria’s Secret sells in regards to fragrance/lotion. As you can see I have gone through quite a bit of this light, floral and sweet scent.

Victoria’s Secret “Coconut Passion”  Hands down obsession!! I received this as a gift from a friend a couple months ago and have not grown tired of the smell by any means! I blogged about it recently and how wonderful it is! The perfect warm combination of coconut and vanilla. Two of my favorite aromas/flavors!

Victoria’s Secret (Pink/Spring Break) “Passionfruit Hibiscus”  I recently had a gift card for Victoria’s Secret and picked up this body splash. It’s been an obsession as well! It reminds me of how the Escada perfumes smell, which are sweet, fruity, tropical and heavenly. I seriously cant get enough of this!!

Body sprays, splashes and mists are great because they are inexpensive, easily portable and most contain moisturizing ingredients. You can spritz them all over your body without smelling like you doused yourself in perfume. Perfect for the breezy months of spring and sticky hot summers!



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