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Revlon Nearly Naked

After about a month of pondering whether or not to try out the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, I came across a coupon for it and decided that I might as well give it a shot. One of my all time favorite foundations is the Revlon ColorStay which is a fantastic product. With that in mind, and hopes of a similar outcome, I purchased the foundation in the shade “Vanilla”. I ended up going back for the powder the week after.

I’ve been using the foundation for a few weeks now and have classified it as a good, average everyday makeup. The coverage is light to medium yet buildable. I apply it with my fingers which works well for me. The product is not as thick as the ColorStay and doesn’t have as strong of a “paint” aroma. Having SPF 20 or SPF in general is always nice in a foundation, so that is a plus in my book! I didn’t notice any streaking and experienced no difficulty with blending the makeup into my skin. The Vanilla shade does appear too light for me but it actually isn’t a problem since it ends up oxidizing to a perfect match! The best part of this foundation is that it stays on all day and still looks nice after a full work day and trip to the gym! I’m oily and it has yet to slide off my face. We will see how it works in the dog days of summer, but for now it works quite well! One thing that is a bit annoying and messy is the inside of the cap. I always shake my foundation before use and the way the bottle screws onto the lid allows for a lot of product to escape into the top of the lid. Not a huge deal but a pump or a better designed screw cap (interior) would be nice.

I had no interest in the powder until I watched a few YouTube videos about it and people really were loving it so off to the store I went with another coupon in hand. I purchased the color “Fair”. I love the big white compact, maybe because it reminds me of my iPhone! When applying the powder it goes on pretty sheer with zero fallout after swirling the brush in the product. This is fine since I don’t like a overly powdered look. I have been using the little puff that comes in the compact the last few days and prefer the look that it gives vs. my powder brush.

So as a whole, I love the packaging and performance of the foundation and powder and would say that they are average. Not bad, not fantastic, but good! I would recommend them if you are looking for just a basic everyday makeup set.



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