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I’m always on a constant rotation when it comes to the products I use on a daily basis. I tend to get bored with using the same things over and over day after day so I prefer to mix it up often to keep things fresh and interesting!

Although I keep my makeup and beauty products on this constant rotation it’s common for me to grab for a favorite item more than a few days in a row. Here are some of those items that I’ve been reaching for more often lately…
Faves 4 8 13 In general, I have a rather large collection of eye shadow and always end up coming back to my MAC palettes. As you can see they are all pretty much neutral shades which I prefer in terms of eye shadow. Some of my favorites pictured that I have hit pan on are “Patina”, “Satin Taupe”, “Femme Fi”, “Naked Lunch” and “All That Glitters”. MAC shadows are excellent quality and you can’t beat the broad color range to choose from!

I wash my hair every other day and always use some kind of leave in conditioner or treatment after I’m out of the shower. I ended up purchasing the Aveda Damage Remedy which is a daily hair repair treatment that also protects against heat damage as well as aids in detangling. I LOVE the classic Aveda scent that it has as well as how silky my hair is after use. This is the best leave in treatment that I’ve used to date.

One thing that I really get bored with is scents. I have to mix up my perfumes, lotions and body sprays often since I get sick of a smell if I wear it for more than a couple of days in a row. Well, this is NOT the case with my Victoria’s Secret “Coconut Passion” body spray! This is the most wonderful coconut vanilla scent that I have literally been wearing pretty much if not every day for the past month. I’m freaking out over this fragrance. I have other coconut and vanilla scented lotions and body sprays but this one takes the cake!

I always have to have something on my lips and lately it’s been Maybelline Baby Lips in “Twinkle”. I have been applying it under lipstick as well as alone. It’s clear for the most part but does have a very sheer pink shimmer to it. The best part is that it smells like strawberry! I bought 2 additional tubes of Twinkle after I realized that this limited edition flavor was a winner in my book. Gotta keep those lips hydrated!

Last but not least is “Idolize Me” blush by Smashbox. This blush came out with the spring 2013 collection and initially caught my eye because of the cute packaging and debossed hearts and love text on the actual blush. The color is a muted almost dusty pink with a hint of coral. I would basically call this a matte blush but if you look closely there is the tiniest bit of shimmer. This color is different from any other blush that I own hence my frequent use of it lately!


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