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It’s finally spring! Although the weather hasn’t quite been cooperating lately, it didn’t stop me from making sure I had 3 new spring candles all ready to go once the first day of the season hit. I had just used up the last of my winter candles in the first part of March so the timing was perfect. A fresh new season and fresh new scents to fill my home with! I headed to Bath & Body Works knowing that they were having a candle sale. I also had a coupon which added to the excitement since I’m still practicing being a tightwad this year.

After a fair amount of time sniffing, I decided on these 3 scents…

Spring Candles

I’ve had my eye on the Fresh Bamboo candle for quite awhile so I finally grabbed one! Each one of these smell absolutely divine! One of my favorite things to do on a spring or summer evening is relax with the windows open, a delightful candle lit as the scent mingles with the fresh air coming in from outside and a glass of wine.

Garden Freesia is scented with freesia, violet petals and sandalwood.

Pink Sangria smells of mandarin, apple, pear and sugared berries.

Fresh Bamboo is a mix of bamboo, jasmine, wild grasses and warm oak.

At least while the weather is getting itself situated I can enjoy these candles and look forward to when spring is in full swing!


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