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I have figured out over the years that I look best with hair that is longer than shoulder length. When I was 19, I had a pixie cut. Thinking back on that now I shudder. Never again!! There have been a few times in my life that my hair was waist length. I prefer longer hair on myself and am blessed with thick, healthy, shiny hair that grows very fast. Currently my hair is a soft black color and layered. The longest part is waist length while the shortest layer is to my chest. I frequently receive compliments on my hair as well as people asking if it’s real. This is always very flattering but it’s getting to the point now where it’s almost too long, I’ve always been the kind of girl who gives 100% to my makeup in the morning but always keeps my hairstyle very simple. By simple I mean washing it every other day and brushing/combing it. That’s it. Again, I’m very blessed to have nice hair that I honestly don’t need to style for it to look presentable, but the length is staring to interfere with that.

I’ve been seriously thinking of cutting it chest length and adding some cute bouncy layers that would help with volume. I know that this will make my hair even healthier than it already is as well as get rid of the black hair color that I’ve been trying to fade/get rid of for the past couple of months. On a side note, my desired hair color is a dark rich chocolate brown. I’ve always been one that gets bored with my hair style or color after a year or two so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m looking for a bit of a change. It will still be long and will always grow, so really there is nothing for me to worry about. Here are some inspirational looks that I have come across while browsing online…

Amy Jackson-1 Above- Amy Jackson (love the hair color!) source

Amy Jackson 2

Above- Amy Jackson- source

Amy Jackson 3

Above- Amy Jackson- source

Megan Fox 4 Above- Megan Fox- source

I love the wavy look shown in the images above and would definitely wear my hair this way if/when I cut it. This length would also look cute straightened as well!

What are your thoughts on hair length?