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IMG_2927About a month ago, I ran out of my all time favorite mascara, L’Oreal Telescopic. I just so happened to receive a free sample of the Bobbi Brown “Everything” mascara while at the mall. I had never used a Bobbi Brown mascara before and I was in need of mascara in general at that point so it seemed to work out quite perfectly. In short, I wasn’t very happy with the Bobbi Brown mascara and decided that I should just pick up a new tube of mascara the next time I was out.

I had a coupon that was good for 2 Covergirl eye products so I picked up some clear mascara to use as brow gel and “LashBlast Fusion” mascara.  It’s been about 5 years since I’d last used a Covergirl mascara but figured I would try one that I hadn’t used before.

I’m not the kind of person who has tons of mascaras. I always have only 1 or 2 tubes around at a time to avoid them drying out and going bad. I’ve been a fan of the big chunky mascara tubes since they started appearing about 5 years ago. Honestly, after using this mascara for about 1 month now, I can say the best part of this product is the cute chunky purple tube. I find that the application process takes longer because there are not enough bristles and they are too short! My lashes are not super long or thick to begin with so I really have to work at applying a good amount to make my lashes look close to what I want. If you naturally have long, thick lashes I think this mascara would work a lot better for you. I have been using the Bobbi Brown mascara quite a bit lately since it works way better than the Covergirl! Again, I really feel that if you have great lashes to begin with, this mascara would be a good choice for you. At least I tried it! Next I will be testing some of the Maybelline mascaras. Love the chunky tubes!

So, in short, my thoughts on the Covergirl LashBlash Fusion…….. meh. Better luck to you!



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