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All was well, I was doing great with not purchasing any cosmetics that I didn’t need, until the February 3rd-February 16th Ulta Beauty catalog came in the mail. I flipped through it, happy to receive the usual coupon since I’m almost out of my favorite Prestige waterproof black eyeliner. Then I spotted the ad for the Too Faced   Boudoir Beauty 2013 spring collection. The blush specifically is what caught my eye.  It was the cutest heart shaped baked blush with the perfect combination of bright cool toned pink, coral and peachy pink. Honesty I could combine the blushes I already own and come up with a similar color but no!! This was just too adorable and unique to ignore!


I was also drawn to the smashbox spring 2013 Love Me collection. Again, the blush is what caught my eye…

SB_C14L_430I HAD to make a trip to Ulta and check these two blushes out. The last blush I purchased was back in the spring of 2012 I believe. I knew that buying these wouldn’t be the best idea since I have so many blushes already and I’m trying to save money and practice OTW (Operation Tightwad). Both displays at Ulta had only one blush left so I grabbed them both. I really liked the fact that the Too Faced blush has a bit of shimmer while the smashbox blush is matte. I was sold on the fact that the colors of both products are gorgeous and the packaging is fantastic. Allow me to repeat myself. Fantastic packaging. These are not your run of the mill blushes, both were special enough to come home with me today…

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Images: Too Faced  and   smashbox

iPhone photo by Me