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I’ve been using MAC Paint in “Bare Canvas” and MAC Paint Pots in “Bare Study” and “Soft Ochre” for the past couple of years as eye shadow primers. I’ve run out of all except my “Soft Ochre” paint pot and decided that I wanted a new primer. Recently I’ve noticed more creasing in my eye shadow throughout the day and I’m not sure if my lids have been more oily lately or I’m using too much moisturizer on my lids in the morning. I love Urban Decay Primer Potion and honestly haven’t found a primer as wonderful to date. The one down side to UDPP is that it’s a bit spendy. With my new OTW (Operation Tightwad) way of life that I’m enforcing on myself for 2013, I want to avoid spending $20.00 on primer. I figured I would poke around Ulta and check out other cosmetic brands to see what kind of primers they had to offer. Not many brands have eye shadow primer surprisingly enough. I wanted something that would prime my lids without adding any color. I did find one by NYX which was $6.99 but was questioning the staying power and overall quality of the product. I asked one of the Ulta girls which eye shadow primer she would recommend that’s as good as UDPP yet less expensive. She led me to the Ulta brand cosmetics and whipped out a tube of the Ulta Extreme Wear Eye Shadow Primer. The price tag was $10.00, unlike the UDPP I would be able to use a coupon so I would be saving even more money. The Ulta girl said, that the Ulta brand primer is good but honestly nothing beats the UDPP. I ended up purchasing the Ulta brand primer. Heck, I could always return it if it was a complete failure.

A failure it was not! I have been wearing this primer every day all week and all I can say is WOW! This stuff is amazing!! There has not been ANY creasing at all! My eye shadow looks perfect all day. I’ve had my makeup on for about 14 hours now and my eye shadow hasn’t budged. This primer is a 10 in my book. It’s very light in texture and transparent on the skin which is exactly what I was looking for. The only problem that I may have is trying to extract every last little dab out of the bottle when it gets to that point. I won’t worry about that now since I’m happy as a clam with this primer! If you are looking to save money and have great looking eye shadow all day then I would recommend scoring a tube of this!


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