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This past Thursday night my friend and I went to Benihana for a special birthday dinner. I hadn’t been to a Japanese restaurant in about a year so it was definitely time to partake once again. I always order the same meal whenever I go to Benihana which is the Splash ‘N Meadow (steak and shrimp). The feast began with the usual mushroom onion soup and ginger salad. The steak and shrimp is accompanied by onions, mushrooms, zucchinis and rice. I had already polished off quite a bit of the rice, veggies and shrimp by the time I snapped the picture below…


Salad Steak & Shrimp Ice Cream

It’s so funny to watch how people pour the shrimp sauce (yum yum sauce) all over their meat, rice and veggies. Dipping, dunking, pouring, drenching. Everyone, including myself cannot get enough of this amazing sauce. My guess is that it’s probably calorie ridden and not good for you at all but I figure with how often I guzzle the stuff down, which is maybe once or twice per year, it’s not going to hurt.  The orange tinge that my rice has in the picture above is the yum yum sauce. The chocolate ice cream was the perfect way to finish off this amazing meal. The best perk is that there are always leftovers!



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