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The first bottle of foundation I ever purchased was by CoverGirl in the 6th grade. Throughout the years, I purchased a couple more bottles of CoverGirl “Clean Liquid Makeup”. Since then, I have found other brands of foundation that I really love and haven’t gone back to CoverGirl, till now. A couple weeks ago I ended up stumbling upon the display for the new CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation…

CG Outlast 1I was drawn to the pump bottle and the fact that this product is said to be “3 in 1” with foundation, concealer and primer. Nice.

CG Outlast 2I went over to the Neutrogena aisle and picked up a bottle of the Shine Control makeup in “Nude” since that is what is in my current foundation rotation. I used the bottle as a color guide to pick out a good shade in the CoverGirl foundation and ended up purchasing “Nude Beige”.

When I got home I stuffed my Neutrogena foundation in a drawer to save till summer since I don’t have to worry about a ton of shine in the winter. I was very excited to give this new product a try!

So far I’m loving it! The pump bottle is great, I love how clean and easy the dispense and application is because of it. The product itself has a slight paint smell but I barely notice it when applying. The shade appears a bit light on my skin right off the bat but dries to a perfect match. I apply foundation with my fingers since I prefer the way my skin warms the product and seems to blend it more evenly onto my face. I would say the coverage is medium and it ends up drying to a beautiful airbrushed finish. I still have been using concealer under my eyes but will have to wait for a zit or two to pop up to see how this foundation covers since it’s said to be a concealer too. This makeup has SPF 20 in it which is a major plus! As for staying power, it seriously lasts all day! I just looked at my face in the mirror and my skin still looks great! I applied this foundation 14 hours ago! No touch ups needed! I haven’t noticed any settling into fine lines or blotchiness at all either.

All in all I really enjoy this foundation and so far have nothing negative to say about it. Being a drugstore product it’s very affordable which makes me all the more willing to purchase it again.

Yay CoverGirl! You did a great job with this product!



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