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I received this lotion as a gift the day that I went shopping so decided to include it in my haul. Seriously, this is by far one of the best smelling lotions I’ve ever had. It has the most wonderful sweet mango pineapple fragrance that’s not too overpowering like some lotions. I LOVE it! I have plenty of lotions and definitely don’t need any more but adding this one to my collection is fine by me! One moisturizer that I did actually need was a new tub of Origins Eye Doctor. This stuff is great to use at night or during the day when you need that extra bit of moisturization around the eyes. I generally use anti-aging eye cream at night but like to give my skin a break from any anti-aging ingredients for a night or so and just use a good rich moisturizer like Eye Doctor.

I received some gift cards for the holidays and used one to purchase this necklace which I have been eyeballing for about a month now. I love the rose gold and am pretty obsessed with lock and key jewelry so this was the perfect necklace!



Last but not least, the 20 oz. (Venti) Starbucks Cold Cup. I have the 16 oz. (grande) one and love it, but the way I chug down water all day calls for something a bit more extreme. This sucker is pretty big, but holds plenty of water to last me for an afternoon. I searched high and low for the venti size cup and wasn’t able to find it online or in any Starbucks stores till the day of my shopping trip. After I devoured the tuna melt I pictured in my previous post, we stopped at Starbucks and I asked if they had the venti sized cups and the barista said that they were sold out. They may get some in after the new year but if I wasn’t able to find any online they may be redesigning or discontinuing them. So in other words I may be out of luck. I just so happened to be waiting for my coffee when I looked on the merchandise shelf and there was a solitary venti cup! I grabbed it and said with a bit too much enthusiasm, “I found one!” People looked at me, probably thinking I was a nutcase. It was a Christmas miracle indeed…

Starbucks Venti Sippy

Stay tuned for part 3 of my post holiday haul…


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