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We can always expect amazing sales right after Christmas, so of course heading to the mall as well as various other stores is the natural thing to do if you love to shop! We started off the day with a delicious lunch. I had a tuna melt with munster cheese on pumpernickel bread…

Tuna Melt 1 Tuna Melt 2

After lunch, various errands were run as well as the usual Starbucks trip. One of the main things that I was looking forward to today was the huge Bath & Body Works sale! I tried to control myself and only purchase a few items. Since I’m trying to use up all of the lotions that I currently have, I skipped lotion but picked up two shower gels since I actually am in need of some at the moment. As for candles I picked up two small winter scents. Along with the few other fall/winter Bath & Body Works candles that I already have at home, I feel that I have enough to last me throughout the rest of the winter…

BBW HaulThe shower gels, Pink Sugarplum and Orange Sapphire are both sweet smelling and fruity which is exactly the the kind of scent I go for in the morning when I’m half asleep and crawling into the shower. I always tend to go for something with a citrus undertone to perk me up in the wee hours of the morning.

The candles smell amazing. The bottom of the jars describe them as…

Frosted Cranberry– “The deep red cranberries of winter shine in this fragrant blend of pink currant, vanilla and red apple.”

Evergreen– “The festive scent of fir needles, winter pine and a touch of white birch is a true winter celebration”

These candles are truly heavenly. If you have a Bath & Body Works near you or have online access, I highly recommend their candles in general, no matter what time of year, they always have fantastic scents!

Stay tuned for Post Holiday Haul Part 2!!


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