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I’m one of those people that always has to have something on my lips. Part of my makeup routine in the morning is applying some sort of lip moisturizer. After I eat breakfast I’ll apply chap stick and then whichever lip combo I have chosen for the day. Throughout the day, I make sure to reapply chap stick or lip balm so my lips are protected from the elements. All year long I will always have a balm or chap stick which contains SPF. My goal is to prevent wrinkled and sun damaged lips as I get older!

Every night after I have washed and moisturized my face, I will apply either Vaseline or C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve to my lips. These are the most moisturizing and nourishing products that I have found to give my lips a deep treatment overnight as I sleep…


Both products are multipurpose which is great! I have used them for flaky dry patches of skin under my nose when I’m recovering from a cold. Also, if you ever have cracked dry skin around your cuticles, apply a little dab of either one of these! One of the best tricks that I have used Vaseline for is applying a little on the insides of leather shoes that rub and cause blisters on my feet. As we have all experienced, sometimes flats, heels or sandals will rub on the backs of our ankles or near our toes. This is a huge pain, literally, so I have found that if you apply a small gob of Vaseline on the area of the shoe that will rub, it prevents this from happening! Apply more as needed later in the day if required.

Vaseline is great since it has no scent and serves its purpose well when it comes to moisturization. The Rose Salve smells AMAZING and is honestly my favorite lip moisturizer to date! In the summer, I stick to the same lip maintenance routine yet in the colder months of fall and winter, I really appreciate the benefits of these two favorites all the more!


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