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Depending on how much time I’m working with in the mornings or which products I’ve decided on using, my makeup style can differ from day to day. Of course I always begin with a good moisturizing sunscreen lotion all over my face and neck followed by a rich and hydrating eye cream. Since I’ve lacked a lot of time to get ready in the mornings lately, I’ve skipped eye shadow a few times. I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE the look of only black mascara and eyeliner! My eyes look younger, more fresh and awake without the shadow! This is a bit frustrating at times since I love eye shadow and have a good sized collection of it. I’ve pretty much decided that along with my various other eye makeup styles that I alternate between, the no eye shadow look will be thrown into the mix since I like it so much!

One eye shadow application technique that I have been using pretty much every day is applying a neutral shade of shadow on my top lid and lining the bottom lash line with a pop of color and finishing off the look with black mascara and liner. Depending on which shade I decide to use on my lid, I will pick out a non neutral shade to go on the bottom lash line. Even if I decide on a non neutral shade for the top lid, I will not line the bottom lash with the same color, I will make a point of picking out another shade of shadow to add the pop of color that I need.

In general, I always line my bottom lash line with shadow no matter what look I may be creating. This prevents my liner from smearing or running throughout the day. You can apply the shadow before or after the liner, whichever works best for you. I tend to apply the shadow first on my bare bottom lash line, then eyeliner and finally finish off the look with a line of shadow below the eyeliner. I used to never wear eye shadow on the bottom lash line but then realized that the liner would last much longer and not smear when shadow was applied first!

Since I love all shades of brown and taupe shadow as well as crave the occasional blue, purple or pink, why not have my cake and eat it too and use both in one look! Think of all the possible color combos!


Products used:

Clarins Enchanted Summer Color Quartet & Liner Palette

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