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IMG_2237If you ever see me without water, there must be a problem. I always have a glass of water on my desk while working and next to me while at home. When I’m out running errands and shopping I carry a bottle that is usually between 18-32 ounces with me. Water is the perfect drink. It has no calories, keeps your body healthy and hydrated, flushes out toxins, helps your organs work efficiently and endless other wonderful perks! It tastes great too!

I recently purchased this 16 ounce cold cup from Starbucks which I now tote my water around in. It will also be used for various other cold drinks including smoothies. Even though it is a recycle code 7 (printed on bottom of cup) it does state it’s BPA free which is good. Back in the summer, Starbucks was selling this same cup in a 24 ounce size which would have been great but I missed out. I hope they bring them back this coming summer! I love adult sippy cups and am always thankful for the fact that I have water at hand all day, everyday whenever I need it.


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