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It’s always a good idea to lather yourself up with lotion after you hop out of the shower, especially after shaving. Keeping your skin well moisturized will keep you looking younger and healthier. This time of year when it’s colder outside, our skin tends to lack the moisture that it has during the warmer months. I always find my body feels itchy if I skip lotion throughout the week. My hands will get dry and cracked which is not pretty! To combat this problem, I apply lotion all over after the shower and then hand lotion throughout the day after I wash my hands. Nothing looks worse than dry flaky skin!

During the week when I get up early, I’m usually not in the mood for a lotion with a strong fragrance so I reach for one of the three pictured below. Curél is my favorite! The scent is so fresh and subtle…

IMG_2225 On the weekends I open my drawer of lovely scented lotions from Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret…

IMG_2221 I’m trying to focus on using up all of these lotions that I have before buying any new ones. Ultimately I would love to have just a few scented lotions from Bath & Body Works and then a couple bottles of regular lightly scented lotion like Curél. I have heard quite a bit about the Hempz lotions and have always seen them at Ulta. Now, I’m not a pot smoker but there is something quite fun about having a big pot leaf on your lotion bottle…

IMG_2055 How pretty are these bottles! They smell delightful and I can’t wait to pick up a couple once I blow through my other lotions.

What are your favorite kinds of lotions to use?



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