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I would love to travel back in time and hunt down my 15 year old self and say “Take it easy with those tweezers. If you don’t, someday your eyebrows will not grow back”. Unfortunately, I’m not able to do that and am stuck with over plucked thin brows that look like crap. Now, I’m very happy to have SOME eyebrows left, just not what I used to have and obviously took for granted before. Eyebrows frame your face and can actually make you look younger if they are on the fuller side. I believe that you can get away with less eye makeup if you have nicely groomed brows. With that being said, please take a look at the sad progression of the untimely death of my eyebrow follicles…

Box 1- Age 12, having never touched a pair of tweezers.

Box 2- The look I maintained for almost 9 years.

Box 3- What I’m left with now.

Box 4- My attempt to recreate what I once had.

In short, if you are an eyebrow plucker, please, for the love of all that is good, take it easy! After 9 years of fierce plucking I killed my eyebrow follicles and the hair will never grow back again. Really. It will not grow back. I would save time in the morning if I didn’t have to draw these suckers on every day. I would also look better right out of bed if I had nice full eyebrows. This is my only regret in life so far.

Think before you pluck.