It’s finally summer and I have officially switched over to my summer makeup routine which consists of no foundation on the weekends when I’m out and about. I have only used a tinted moisturizer once in my life and wasn’t quite sold on it. Since I’m always hearing so many people rave about them being an alternative to foundation and a dual purpose product I still have curiousity about them.

Lately I have been hearing more and more about BB creams and thought that instead of wearing a tinted moisturizer when running around on the weekends, why not try a BB cream! After seeing a commercial for Garnier BB cream I decided that I would pick up a bottle. I had an Ulta coupon to use and it was already on sale so not spending an arm and a leg on a new product was perfect!

So, initially when pulling the bottle out of the box, I noted the cute packaging. The bottle itself holds 2.5 fluid ounces which is a nice amount of product. The application was smooth and blended well and once dried, matched my skin pretty well. This BB cream only comes in 2 shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. The coverage upon application was light yet had a slight airbrushed look to it which was nice. I didn’t use my usual SPF moisturizer before applying the cream since it’s supposed to provide moisturization too. After applied, I dusted some powder on my T-zone and then finished off with my normal bronzer and blush. Garnier says in their commercial that this BB cream will even tone, hydrate, renew, protect and brighten.

Everything was fine until my oily skin started taking charge. Let me tell you, this product is not for oily skin. As the day wore on I could see discoloration and spots peeking through the surface and the oil on my t-zone was getting out of control. My face almost took on a red blotchy look. Yuck! I tried the BB cream 2 additional days and finally deemed it a failure. It just didn’t work for me. If you have normal to dry skin I say go for it, but oily skin people, beware. Another thing that I didn’t like was the fact that the SPF was only 15. I always use SPF 30 on my face. I was thinking that I could have just used the BB cream during the week while working indoors and been fine with the SPF 15, but I prefer a cleaner more polished look that my normal foundation gives while at work.

I ended up returning this product since it didn’t work for me. If I can find a BB cream with a SPF 30 that is made for oily skin I will definitely give it a try since I think it would be great for summer!

I would love to hear your thoughts on BB creams!