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There is nothing better on a hot day than a steamy, saucy heap of Indian food to satisfy your lunchtime hunger. Today before embarking on my usual coffee and errands, I stopped and had a wonderful plate of Chole and rice which hit the spot…

Chick peas cooked with onions and tomatoes and spiced with tumeric ,paprika, cumin, cayenne and fresh ginger!

Chick peas cooked with onions, fresh ginger, tomatoes and spiced with tumeric ,paprika, cumin and cayenne. Yummy!!

I usually order Indian food at a medium spicy level. I love spicy food but if it’s so hot that you can’t even taste the food, it’s not as enjoyable..at least for me. I asked for a takeout box at the beginning of the meal expecting to take leftovers home. The box ended up not being needed as I successfully polished off the entire plate! Yum! What a tasty way to start off a leisurely Saturday…

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