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Since today was Earth Day, some businesses were offering freebies or special deals on products, food, ect. I started the day off with a large FREE coffee since I declined a paper cup and gave them my thermos to fill up instead! Coffee in hand, I proceeded to Origins which had a deal going where if you brought in any of your cosmetic empties to recycle you could choose from a FREE full sized limited edition “Starting Over” or “A Perfect World” facial moisturizer. I love “Starting Over” so that is the one I picked. This was seriously a great deal since these moisturizers are a bit pricey. Score! Ignore my nails please…

The next item that was on my list was shower gel. I tend to not want any overwhelming fragrances in the form of shower gels or lotions early in the morning when I’m getting ready so I’m usually very particular with what I use. I prefer to switch up shower gels during the week since I also tend to grow tired of specific scents if I use them too often. I picked up two of these St. Ives shower gels for $3.00 each at Target after sniffing multiple different products. These will be good to alternate back and forth throughout the week!

Triple Butters "Creamy Coconut", "Energizing Citrus"

Triple Butters "Creamy Coconut" & "Energizing Citrus"

I had a coupon so I also picked up ANOTHER Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in the color “Pink Truffle”…

 I found yet another bargain of the day at one of my favorite stores, J. Crew. I have   two of these colorful Archie Grand for J. Crew blank notebooks already. One is hot pink and the other is blue. Click here to see them on a previous post. Usually they are $10.00 each but today I got this one for $4.49!

I spent quite a bit of time outside today which was wonderful. It was a beautiful day!

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