A couple of months ago, I purchased a 2 fl. oz. bottle of Macadamia Natural Oil Leave-In Cream. For awhile before I bought it, I had heard so much about the Macadamia Natural Oil line, especially the Deep Repair Masque which comes in a tub container. As funny as it sounds, the packaging was one of the main reasons why I developed an interest in this line of hair products as I am a sucker for packaging!

From coloring my hair, some of my ends are a bit dry so I figured that an easy leave in conditioner would be a good choice for me. I wash my hair every other day so after towel drying it I apply a grape sized dollop in the palm of my hand and work it into my hair stopping at the jawline and then proceed to comb it through with a wide tooth comb.  The scent is fruity but not too sweet. It actually reminds me of medicine I used to take as a child therefore making me not all that fond of the aroma. It still has a nice scent so I deal with it! While applying makeup I let my hair air dry for awhile, then spritz in some heat protector and blow-dry!

Honestly I haven’t noticed that much of a difference from using this cream. I think it may just be that I’m not using enough product. My hair is long and thick and I probably should use more but having a 2 oz. bottle, I don’t want to use it up too quickly. I would never want to apply a leave-in cream all over my hair since I’m very oily, but after reading that this product also has a UV PROTECTANT I just might!! I’ve been on the hunt for a good UV protectant to shield my hair color from the sun ( that isn’t oily) and I didn’t even realize that this was meant to serve that purpose too! Next time I shampoo I will try applying the cream all over my hair to protect the color and see if it flattens the hair on top of my head. If so, then I will just continue to use it on the bottom half only.

All in all, I am not impressed enough so go buy a full size bottle but at least I gave it a shot. Have you tried Macadamia Natural Oil products?

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