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I’m not one of those people that applies three or more eye shadow colors in terms of lid, crease, brow bone and outer “V”. Most of the time I will choose a lid color and a crease color and thats it. I keep it pretty simple. Some days I just use one color on my lid and leave it at that. No matter what look I’m going for I always line the bottom lash line so my eyeliner stays in place longer.

I realized something funny last night while reading some random blogs.  I came across a post where a girl was proclaiming her love for the Urban Decay eye shadow color in “Sin” which is in the original Naked palette. She posted a photograph of her palette and she had hit pan on Sin! Out of all the images of the Naked palette that I have viewed online since the product came out, I have yet to see anyone hit pan on any of the colors!

Whenever I use the color Sin, I apply it to my lid and bottom lash line and use another one of the darker shades in the palette on my crease. I had never really thought to use it alone without a crease color. That got me to thinking about how I seem to think I need to use more than just one shade in a palette on any particular day if the palette has more than three colors. This morning I decided to just use one eye shadow color on the lid and lower lash line. I applied Sin and ended up falling in love with it! I’m used to seeing it paired with a darker shade but alone it’s a pink toned beige frost which is like no other color that I own!

Sin (second from left)

Sin (second from left)

Now I’m inspired to explore my other eye shadow palettes and experiment with just using one shade on the lid. When you just stick with one color, you can discover the true shade of the shadow since it’s not being blended and altered from a crease shade! This sounds like a pretty obvious concept but like I said, I always feel the need to use more than one shade when presented with a palette full of shadows!

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