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Eye liner is my must have cosmetic item. Some women can’t live without mascara, some foundation, for me it’s always been eye liner. 85% of the time I wear black pencil liner on the upper and lower waterline and then smudge a bit on the upper outer corner of my eye. Most of the time, by the end of the day, my eye liner has faded and just doesn’t look fresh. I’ve noticed that when the liner fades, it looks more grey rather than black and makes me appear a bit tired. This is not the case with MAC’s Fluidline gel liner in the color “Blacktrack”.

MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"

MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"

I go through phases where I will dig out my fluidline and end up falling in love with it and using it for a couple of weeks straight. Then, I will fall back into the habit of using my pencil liner which is quicker to apply. This past couple of weeks I have been using my fluidline and love how it literally lasts all day and still looks fresh and intensely black after hours of wear. There is no smearing or fading which is fantastic. Below is a photo I took with my phone the other day. I had applied the fluidline on the upper lashline at 7:00am and after the full day and a trip to the gym, it still looked really nice! This was 11 hours after application on my tired eye….

Whenever I use this eye liner, I only apply it to the top lash line and use my pencil liner on the bottom lash line and water lines. I purchased a tiny flat angled brush at Michael’s craft store which works great. Like I mentioned before, it does take more time and precision to make the line look as perfect as possible. In the past I have used black liquid liners with a felt tip applicator. The line would look ok for awhile but would fade throughout the day to a blue color. This was NOT the look I was after so I stopped using liquid liner about 5 years ago.

MAC Fluidline is a wonderful product and I definitely think you should give it a shot if you haven’t already. More colors are available at your MAC counter or the MAC website!

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