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Bath & Body Works "Strawberry Lemonade" body splash, Clinique Happy "Heart"

Bath & Body Works "Strawberry Lemonade" body splash, Clinique Happy "Heart"

Whenever the weather starts getting nice and spring is in the air, I always find myself reaching for the same two fragrances. Clinique Happy “Heart” and Bath & Body Works “Strawberry Lemonade” body splash. Unfortunately, this specific Bath & Body Works body splash is not available anymore. I purchased it during one of the sales they have where some of the original or discontinued scents are brought back for a limited time. I would suggest doing a search online to see if you are able to buy it off of Amazon or through various other online sellers.

The bottle of Clinique Happy “Heart” is surprisingly still good and smells as wonderful as it did when I first purchased it almost 10 years ago! I don’t go through fragrances very fast and I had bought the large bottle. The perfume itself has turned slightly yellow, but as with all of my other fragrances, I store it in a cool, dark and dry place. Some people store their perfumes in the refrigerator to preserve the scent.  According to the Sephora website, they describe the notes in the perfume as: Water Hyacinth, Mandarin, Cucumber, Yellow Primrose and Blond Woods. This fragrance is so clean, light, crisp and floral. I feel like this is more of a daytime scent since it makes me think of sun, flowers and the positivity and happiness that comes when everything in nature is coming to life around you.

Bath & Body Works “Strawberry Lemonade” body spray is perfect for the spring and summer when you want a light fruity scent vs. something more crisp and floral.  Both fragrances actually make me feel upbeat and in a good mood when I wear them!

Do you have any specific scents that you only find yourself wearing in the spring?

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