(“Holiday Cookies” from a hardware store!   “Frosted Cupcake” Bath & Body Works)

I’m working on using up the last of my winter/holiday candles to make room for the fresh, fruity and floral scents that are out for spring! I love how my bedroom always smells like a huge cupcake even when my current candles are not lit, but as the seasons change, the candles should too! I don’t burn through candles very quickly and still have a few various Bath & Body Works Slatkin & Co. seasonal candles stored away in my closet that are half way done. I figure that I will burn my “Holiday Cookies” and “Frosted Cupcake” until March 20th and then dig out my spring candles! From last year I still have Bath & Body Works “Island Margarita” and “Peach Bellini”.

There are many other scents that I really enjoy that Bath & Body Works carries so next time they have their 2 for $20 I will definitely pick up a couple more!

Do you have any of these candles from Bath & Body Works?