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As many of you may know from my previous hair ramblings, I am oily. My hair is oily and my skin is oily. This is actually a wonderful problem to have since natural oils help in maintaining youthful looking skin and healthy hair. The downside to this is the fact that greasy hair just doesn’t look good! In the past I would wear my hair up on my non washing days (I shampoo every other day). This is fine, but you can still see the grease at the roots and I don’t always want to wear my hair up on the “dirty days”.

I learned about dry shampoo a few years ago and have been alternating between Batiste dry shampoo and the cheap alternative, baby powder.

Batiste is about $7.99 for 5.05 fl. oz. per can at Ulta, depending on where you live. I have repurchased this product numerous times since it works fairy well. Still, I think there has to be something better out there for me since toward the end of the day my hair starts to look a bit oily again. I did try TRESemmé Fresh Start dry shampoo which was a disaster! I returned it after using it twice because it made my hair sticky and clumpy and I couldn’t even run my fingers through it!

I heard that LUSH has a dry shampoo called “No Drought” which I got a sample of recently.

I have used it a few times and think it’s pretty good. I’m not jumping up and down about it since it smells a bit like bathroom cleaner and the bottle would make for messy application since there is no filter or anything on the lid to make it come out slowly. You could end up with the whole bottle on your head if you are not careful. I did think about if I were to buy this product, I would purchase a cute salt and pepper shaker at some place like Anthropologie to put the powder in so it looks cute and comes out slower without a potential mess. The price isn’t that bad either at $12.00 for 4.6 oz.  I’m still pondering this product and haven’t come up with a definite conclusion whether or not I would purchase it.

I have decided that I definitely want a dry shampoo in a aerosol can since application is so much easier that way. Secondly I would prefer a black or dark colored powder since my hair is so dark and the white powder makes me look like I’m going grey! This is a common problem with brunettes and dry shampoo so it’s great that some brands make different shades of powders to suit various hair colors. For now, the search is on for the perfect dry shampoo!!

Are there any oily girls or guys out there that have found their holy grail dry shampoo?