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Today I went to a salon to get my hair professionally colored. I’ve colored my hair 5 times since August 2011 with various brands of permanent boxed color in a range of dark burgundy brown to black. I have used 3 different shampoos during this time period which you can read about here as well as my hair color struggle. All but one of the shampoos were sulfate free, that being the Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner which I DID NOT like.

Ironically I was approached to be a “hair model” at this salon so they could use a new line of hair color which they will be launching in March. I’m not sure if other salons have rolled it out yet but I was excited to have them use it on me!

I told the stylists that I wanted black and they decided on a color that would look black but is actually not black. This is because black is the toughest to get out of your hair and if I ever want to go lighter, it won’t be as difficult to lift.

I’m very happy with the results and took a bad cellphone picture in my car. I didn’t color correct or alter this image in any way so I can photograph my hair at a later date again and compare.

I have my fresh bottles of Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner all ready   to go so I will see how the color lasts!!

I picked up 3 random items the other day, one of them being a makeup item which is not pictured. I will be reviewing that item soon so you will see it in a later post.  I needed just a basic lotion to use on my dry hands while in the office. This new Dial lotion caught my eye (because it’s new) so I picked up a bottle at CVS and have it on my desk at work. It works great and smells pretty nice as well.  My hands are always so dry in the winter so a ginormous bottle of lotion is always a plus! I want to buy another bottle to use at home too.

I needed some new night cream with anti-aging properties. I really wanted the Origins “Starting Over” face lotion but I had a coupon for the L’Oreal cream so I ended up with that instead. This has always been an inexpensive favorite of mine. It contains retinol and doesn’t irritate my skin.