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Here is a fun stack of reading material I picked up over the weekend…

I wanted to try these Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes so I bought a box while at Ulta over the weekend. I love the idea of them coming in a nice refillable plastic box since other brands that I have used are in a bag with a sticker to keep the bag sealed. The sticker ends up losing adhesive and the towelettes can dry out which is no good! I like to use makeup remover towelettes after I come home in the evenings from work and the gym. It feels refreshing to clean off my makeup, sweat (from working out) and whatever else has managed to adhere to my face throughout the day! Before bed I wash my face as usual to remove any last bits of leftover makeup. I have noticed that sometimes when I wash my face and then use a Clearasil pad immediately after, there will still be remnants of foundation left over. This only seems to happen when I have been wearing the Revlon ColorStay Foundation! To avoid this problem, use a towelette before washing your face.

I recommend that if you don’t shower right after the gym, at least wash your face or use a cleansing towelette to get rid of the sweat and makeup that can cause you to break out. Your skin will look and feel  so much better if you make sure that you are always removing your makeup and cleansing your face properly everyday.