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I have heard so many positive things about the Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation over the past few years, yet never really had a desire to try it until now. I felt it was time to experiment with a new foundation and figured that this one would be it!

At Sephora, I was color matched to #120 Soft Sand which is for medium light skin with yellow undertones. The girl who made me a sample said I needed to try the HD Microperfecting Primer too so she gave me a little jar of that as well!

I was also presented with the Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Starter Kit which I didn’t buy but thought that it would be a great deal if I ended up liking the foundation.

This kit is $79.00 and you get foundation, powder, primer and a kabuki brush!

SO… It looks like I will not be purchasing this set because I was not impressed with the foundation or primer. I have worn the foundation for about 5 days straight in different combinations with and without the primer..

Day 1- Primer And Foundation

Day 2- Foundation Only

Day 3- Light Application Of Primer, Foundation

Day 4- Heavy Application Of Foundation

Day 5- Foundation

The verdict is….it’s is a good foundation. That’s about it. I wasn’t impressed like I hoped I would be. The product itself goes on smooth and blends well with and without the primer. I didn’t notice a difference in the way my skin looked in regards to the use of the primer, but it did make my skin feel oily. I decided that maybe the primer isn’t the best idea for an oily person like me.

As for coverage, the foundation was more on the light to medium side. The first day I wore it I felt like it was too sheer. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that my skin didn’t appear as smooth as it does with other foundations. I wasn’t blown away by the airbrush finish that Chanel foundations give or the youthful glow that you achieve with NARS. Make Up For Ever seems to be comparable to higher end drugstore brand makeup in my opinion. I think I’ll stick with a $9.00 bottle of foundation from Target to achieve the same effect!

Pros                                              Cons

*Great color match                       * Lighter coverage than desired

*Subtle scent                              * Not a smooth enough finish

*Easy to blend                             * $40.00

*Lasts all day

*Bottle has a pump

There are more pros than cons but the bad outweigh the good. What would change my mind would be the price tag. The fact that this foundation costs $40.00 per bottle makes me not want to settle for less than perfection. Oh, well. On to the next product!

What are your thoughts on this foundation?