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Yesterday I was at the mall, go figure, and wandered into Express because I had a $10.00 birthday coupon. I looked at a few items without much enthusiasm until I stumbled across this beautiful clutch!

Express- Colorblocked Envelope Clutch

Three of my favorite colors are incorporated which are bright pink, purple and coral. All together the combination is divine! Although this clutch is very attractive, I was thinking about how I wished it was more of an everyday bag. I don’t own a clutch at the moment and thought that it would be perfect for a spring/summer lunch date or an evening out. I ended up not purchasing it and decided to further contemplate  adding it to my bag collection.

Later in the evening, I was poking around on some of my favorite blogs and was stopped dead in my cyber tracks by something amazing posted by Viva Luxury. I think I experienced  heart palpitations as I gazed at this piece of art which is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Memphis Colorblocked Satchel. Here is the picture from the blog post!

Marc by Marc Jacobs- Memphis Colorblocked Satchel

Are you kidding me? Can this bag be any more wonderful!? It very much reminds me of the clutch I was looking at in Express, but this bag would serve as the everyday bag I was looking for. Here are some alternate views of this wonderful bag…

I’m sure by now you have all picked up on the fact that I love Marc Jacobs but so far this bag takes the cake for me! What are your thoughts?