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2011 was not a good hair coloring year for me. I colored my hair a total of 4 times only for the color to look good for about one week, then fade and lighten into a light brownish red. This is odd considering I have always colored my hair and never had any issues. Naturally I have dark cool toned brown hair with hints of auburn. I have colored it every color under the sun but have never been so disappointed with the lasting power of the products I’m using! I understand that red color doesn’t last as long as other colors and it’s important to use a shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate. Hot water on colored hair can strip the color and it’s good to use some sort of UV blocking product in/on your hair as well. I am aware of most of the threats to hair color as far as I know. I should really be having my hair colored in a salon but I actually enjoy doing it myself and saving money. So I guess I’ve gotten myself into a pickle.

Below I have pictured the hair color that I used in 2011 with the application date.  I tried to go as long as possible between colorings but each color would only look really good for a couple of weeks, then it would fade considerably! I am itching to just color my hair black again and be done with it. The red/ burgundy tones are beautiful but they just don’t last which is odd because  I used to color my hair burgundy/ black with no problem about 6 years ago. The perfect color that I am currently after is a natural black with cool toned violet/burgundy highlights which is best depicted in the 4th image below. Too bad that these products didn’t work for me. I hope 2012 will be a more successful year for hair coloring!

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse- Iced Dark Brown, John Frieda- Deep Cherry Brown, L'Oreal Feria- Light Auburn Black and Soft Violet Black