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The stuff I carry in my purse daily can vary slightly, but I do have my staples. I usually carry a makeup bag but this month I have decided to lighten my load and carry only a few cosmetic items in the inner side pocket of my purse. The items which occupy my purse these days are not that exciting really. I love seeing what other women carry in their purses so I figured why not show you what I carry with me daily! I will list the items pictured in no particular order below…

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag- Classic Q Baby Groovee

* Marc By Marc Jacobs- Totally Turnlock Key Pouch ( I use this for all of my credit cards and cash)

* Golla- Digital Camera Case

* Softlips- Wildberry Lip Balm SPF 20

* Bobby Pins, Tiny Claw Hair Clip, Hair Ties

* Mechanical Pencils, Pen

* Band-aids (For injuries but most of the time these come in handy for shoes that leave blisters!)

* Checkbook

* Notepad

* Calculator ( I use the % function for figuring out sales while shopping. Math is not my strong point )

* Advil or some kind of pain reliever

* Maybelline- Dream Matte Powder

* Bobbi Brown- Extra Soothing Balm (Sample)

* Retractable Hair Brush

* Blink Eyedrops (My contacts get dry a lot when I’m tired)

* Mini Manicure Kit (Comes in handy, especially the little scissors! )

* Trident Cinnamon Gum (I always have this stuff to chomp on between lunch and snack time during the day! )

* Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

* Dental Floss

* Nivea- A Kiss Of Smoothness Lip Balm SPF 4

* Free Hotel Lotion

* Cell Phone ( I need an iPhone! )

* Prestige- Waterproof Black Eyeliner

* Whatever Lipstick And Gloss I’m Wearing That Day ( This day was MAC Myth lipstick and Bonus Beat gloss)

* Pink Plastic Coupon Envelope

I try to not carry too much stuff in my purse. I would like to carry my sunglasses but the holder I have is big and bulky so I just keep one pair of shades in my glove box in the car and another pair at home! I switch my purse every couple of weeks. Most of the time when I switch purses I change my wallet as well. That’s pretty much it!