So last night I had plans to meet a friend for dinner. I spent the whole day at home relaxing and catching up on some much needed sleep. I ended up taking a nap during the afternoon and woke up late. I hopped in the shower and after fully awake I realized that I only had a few minutes to get ready. This particular friend is not someone whom I see often so I didn’t want to show up late. She ended up calling me while I was just sitting down to paint my face on to say she was already at the restaurant (20 minutes early). What to do?!

So, I’m sure this has happened to you where you have to apply your makeup and look presentable in a very limited amount of time. What products do you use and what do you skip?

With me, I have noticed that my mach speed makeup application can look just as good if not better than my usual application with no time constraints. I don’t skip any products I just slap it on very quickly and make sure to blend so there are no harsh or sloppy lines. The only thing I may apply less of is mascara and eyeliner. I know that I could speed up the routine even more if I decided not to fill in my eyebrows or apply blush or foundation. Like I have said before, my eyes are the most important part of my routine. My skin is clear and even toned so I am able to skip foundation. I still feel like I haven’t quite mastered my quick routine yet. Usually I am in a panic and still have to think about what to skip and what to apply. I guess this is good because it means that I’m not running late a lot. It’s good to have a quick routine up your sleeve in case you do have to run out the door and want to avoid looking like a hot mess.

What is your “in a hurry” makeup routine?