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When I was in elementary school and even into high school and college, I kept my makeup in a Caboodle. The old school ones from the 1980’s were sturdier and there was a wide array of colors to choose from. Now I have only seen pink and purple and the quality doesn’t seem to be as good.

 My collection was far smaller than it is now so it would fit neatly inside whichever Caboodle I was using at the time. When my collection started to grow I was inspired by other makeup obsessed ladies to store all of my makeup in plastic drawers that you can find at places like Target. They come in the basic white and an assortment of other colors.  I figured this kind of storage would be more age appropriate for me at this point anyway!

You can find various sizes of these drawers depending on your needs. I find that keeping my makeup in these makes a lot of sense. The drawers themselves are plastic and removable for easy cleaning. Your stash can be neatly arranged and organized as you please and the items are easily accessible. Many women keep their makeup in a makeup bag on top of their vanity. This is fine of course, but I try to avoid makeup bags unless I’m traveling because the containers clank around against each other causing a mess and are at risk of breaking.  Plus, I find it easier to slide open a drawer and pick up the item I want rather than rooting through a bag. But that is just me. I do carry a small makeup bag in my purse for touch ups which only contains a few items.

Lately I have been thinking about other ways to store my makeup. I would like to do a revamp and buy a new desk to use for all of my office stuff plus my makeup station. The desk would need alot of drawers though so I could use it for both purposes. I will want to incorporate my plastic storage drawers as well. I will have to do some more thinking and look at some options online to see if I can find the perfect office/makeup desk!!

Tip: Its best to avoid keeping makeup and perfume in the bathroom because of the temperature flexuation and moisture in the air from the shower . This can cause products to go bad faster. I have always kept all of my beauty products in my bedroom where I get ready and do my makeup.

How do you store your makeup? If it’s in a bag, don’t be scared! I won’t frown on you, I would like to know!