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Here is my current nail color of the week. Excuse the dry winter hands that make me look about 800 years old.

Nail Polish-Essie "Sand Tropez", Bracelet-Pandora

While preparing this photo to post and noting my Pandora bracelet in the image, I started thinking of the current bracelet stacking trend.  J. Crew has some nice looking stackable bracelets that I have been looking at lately whenever I wander into the store.  I like how they combine different metals and stones as well as wood and plastic to create their unique pieces. Here are some of the more classic style bracelets that have caught my eye…

Crystal Brûlée Bracelet

Classic Jenna Bracelet

Martha Bracelet

Resin Colorblock Bracelet

I wear watches daily and tend to alternate the most between my gold and rose gold Michael Kors watches. I’m always afraid I’m going to ruin the watches with clanking bracelets hitting against them all day. I have heard this complaint from other bracelet stacking ladies. On days when I do wear numerous bracelets with my watch, I try mix leather wrap bracelets in with metal and beaded pieces to act as buffers between the metals. Why not stack on the OTHER wrist you may ask?   Well, I say stacking on either wrist looks good but bracelets combined with a watch looks even better I think!  Lately I’ve only been wearing my Pandora bracelet with whichever watch I choose for the day. It does not clank around and stays in place most of the time. I have done some searching online for bracelet stacking inspiration…Here are some of the images I found!

Beautiful arm art if you ask me!

Is this a style that you enjoy too?