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A friend got me thinking about this topic a couple of years ago. She told me that she would rather spend her money on 1 nice dinner at an expensive restaurant than many meals at not so spendy establishments. She also feels the same way when it comes to material possessions. Spend more and have a long lasting, better quality item rather than the less expensive version in mass quantities. (Besides a makeup and fashion lover, I am also a foodie, I love high end restaurants but will not pass up a trip to McDonald’s either). This makes sense to me, but I have been struggling with how I can start living this way. I am inspired by this way of thinking and living and have been slowly introducing it into my own life since she and I had the initial discussion about it. I have been observing other people that follow this “rule” of quality over quantitiy and admire how simple, neat and satisfying their lives seem to be in relation to what they own and how they spend their money.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I am a collector of all things that interest me. Handbags, makeup, jewelry, watches..ect ect. This is great because I have a nice selection of these things, but having many things takes up space and can look cluttered. The problem with me is that in my collections, I have high AND low end items. At times it just seems like too much stuff so I have been working on selling, donating and simply giving away some of these things that I really don’t need or use as much as I would like to. This has helped cut down on the amount of things I have. Just to let you know, I don’t really have THAT much stuff. I’m not like one of those people on “Hoarders” by any means. All my goodies are just an accumulation from over the years.

Anyway, I have realized that quality vs. quantity is not black and white. There are many (at least for me) shades of gray in between. Take for instance a Yves Saint  Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick which is $34.00 per tube and a NYX Round Tube lipstick which is $4.00 per tube. That is a huge difference. You could buy about 8 tubes of NYX lipstick for the price of 1 YSL lipstick. With the NYX, you are paying a more realistic price for what you are getting. Makeup can be very inexpensive to make as well as the packaging that it comes in. NYX seems to be hit or miss with me. Some shades are creamier than others and have a longer staying power while other shades are streaky and dont last long on the lips at all. So in short, you get what you pay for. Thats pretty much how it works with many other things like clothes and jewelry. There are hidden gems out there which you will pay practically nothing for and have for years or work exceptionally well for the price. Thats where the shades of gray come in. You never know, you just have to keep in mind the price you are paying for something and what you are expecting out of it. Some things I will not skimp on when it comes to price. I have gotten more into the mind frame that if it is going on my face, or in my hair I will spend more money on it if it means I will look better and it will protect my face/hair from any damage. People will have to look at my face everyday for the rest of my life, so I am willing to spend more money on anti-aging face and eye creams and certain makeup items and shampoos. As for clothes, I have retired some of my older more inexpensive clothes and now use them for bed or the gym. I will not buy clothes from specific stores if they are too inexpensive and obviously not as good of quality as I would like. Before, if it was very inexpensive, I would buy it. These items dont last long most of the time and you end up spending more money replacing the clothing that keep falling apart and looking ragged. As I said above about a simple small collection, having say, 5 nice handbags that you rotate between, or 4 pairs of high quality jeans and so on. It just seems so much simpler and tidy to have a small, quality collection of your favorite things instead of the mayhem in which I call my makeup collection. Yes, makeup will always be mayhem with me, but I can continue to widdle down and re-create a smaller and higher quality collection of everything else.

*Disclaimer- We all have different income levels and different views on high quality vs. low quality. This way of living can be customized to everyone depending on your own income level and perception of quality. Not all of us can afford to go spend tons of money on expensive things. This is a process that can be worked on over time, slowly building a quality collection.