If I am out and about without lipstick or gloss, there has to be a problem. The colors I gravitate towards are shades of nude, brown, pink and pale creamy coral/orange. My feature of choice to emphasize with makeup are my eyes, so the lips are kept fairly neutral. For example, most of the time you will see me wearing Elf “Natural Nymph” and  MAC “Creme d’ Nude” lipsticks. As for gloss, I love MAC “Underage” and Revlon “Peach Petal”.

Of course I do stray from these colors and enjoy my brown, coral and pink shades but I have always completely ignored and had no interest in one color specifically. Red. My own stereotypes of this classic color have been what has steered me clear of it in the past. When thinking of red, I would automatically visualize 1950’s housewives, not so classy women (if you know what I mean) and clowns. I felt as though red on my lips would make me look overdressed, I obviously was wrong and my fear was preventing me from experiencing this wonderful color!

Recently I stuck my neck out and bought my first tube of red lipstick, “Lady Bug” by MAC. I have it pictured in a previous post. This is a good shade of red to start out with if you are new to red lipstick like I was. It’s rather sheer yet buildable. The shade itself is a neutral red with a slight hint of coral. I am now officially loving red lipstick and will add various other shades of red to my lipstick collection as time goes on.

I love how elegant, classy and sophisticated a nice red lipstick can make a woman look….

Emma Stone

Vogue August 2011 (China)

Prada 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg (Getty Images)

Miranda Kerr- 2009 ESPY Awards

My red lipstick tips to avoid looking like Robert Smith from The Cure…

If you are going to use lip balm before applying the lipstick, only apply a small amount and then blot off the excess. The most important step would be to line your lips before applying the color to keep the look clean and neat. Apply the color and don’t forget to open your mouth a bit and apply a bit of the lipstick to the inner corners of your mouth. This is a good idea because while you are talking you can see the pink inner corners of your mouth contrasting with the red lipstick and it can look a bit weird. The last step if you want to clean up the look even more would be to line just below and above the lip line with powder using a small flat lip brush to make an invisible barrier to prevent the color from bleeding and to make the line all the more precise.

Keep the eyes simple and you are ready to go!