In a previous post, I shared with you my collection of perfumes and body splashes. I wear fragrance daily so they definitely do not go to waste. I don’t plan on buying any more perfumes or body splashes until I make a good dent in the ones I already have, but I have compiled a list of scents that I really enjoy and would like to have one day. The list is..

* Gucci “Envy Me”
* Prescriptives “Calyx”
* Viktor & Rolf “Flowerbomb”
* DKNY “Golden Delicious”
* Michael Kors “Very Bali”
* Dior “J’adore”

The only one I may have to buy sooner rather than later is the Michael Kors “Very Bali”. It’s a limited edition fragrance that may not be around for too much longer. Most of these perfumes I have acquired samples of and have worn around to make sure they smell as wonderful on me as they do in the bottle. Remember, everyone has different body chemistry so a lovely smelling perfume may not smell as lovely on you as it does on your buddy, so it’s wise to test it on your skin before shelling out money!

Do you have a perfume wish list ?