When I am out shopping, I love going to cosmetic counters and testing out all of the different products. This is an obvious perk to shopping for higher end brands. We all know how difficult it is to pick out cosmetics in a drug store when we can not test the color out before buying it. I have had numerous disappointments in the past buying items that I thought would work but they turned out being different than I was led to believe based on seeing the color though plastic or glass packaging.

One product that you really have to be careful with when it comes to purchasing it in a drugstore with no testing options is foundation. This can and has been a disaster for many women. With lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes, if the color is a bit off, you can work with them, but foundation is a totally different story. There are tricks to getting a good match with foundation while shopping at a drugstore, but I prefer to test my products before I spend money on them.

I have been on a foundation kick lately and have been testing a lot of different brands. This weekend it has been NARS. I visited 3 different NARS counters and was matched with 3 different colors. This was interesting to me. Everyone has a different eye and all 3 stores probably had variations in lighting and shadow but I have shopped for other foundation brands before and been matched 3 times with the same shade. I usually make a point of visiting the same counter in a few different locations just in case I’m dealing with someone that may not be as good with color matching. I believe that was the case with my NARS mission this weekend. The 1st girl who swatched me did not remove my bronzer or foundation that I was already wearing before slapping on the wrong NARS shade. I had told her before she began that I was already wearing makeup but she didn’t remove it.

Something else I have noticed when I have had my makeup done at counters is the lack of blending as well as the heavy hand that foundation is applied with. I always apply my foundation light and blend it well so it looks flawess, the same goes for the rest of my makeup. I ALWAYS blend eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, bronzer and foundation so there are no hard or visible lines. This important step seems to be missed at makeup counters which is odd. Maybe I’m just picky but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a load of makeup which it tends to look like when not blended!

So, after I pick out the shade of NARS foundation that works best for me from my 3 samples, I will review!