I store my lipsticks and glosses in three separate containers. MAC products in one container, all other brands in the second and random squeeze tube glosses in the third. I use MAC lip products the most so they have their own container. I love the formulation, staying power and vanilla cake smell of MAC!

MAC- Fleshpot, Sunsonic, Lollipop Loving, Shy Girl, Bubbles, Viva Glam Gaga 2, 2N, Myth, Beachbound, Pleasure Seeker, Pure Rose, Front Lit, Cherish, Playing Koi, High Tea, Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish

MAC- Pretty Please, Lavender Whip, Hue, Relic, Fresh Brew, Creme Cup, Creme D’ Nude

MAC- Icescape, Bonus Beat, Naked Frost, Naked Space, Young Thing, Splendid, Soft & Slow, Pink Grapefruit, She’s A Star, Underage, Runway Fave, Orangedescence, Ciao Manhattan, Feeling Dreamy, Sugarrimmed

Above are random brands of lipsticks and glosses. This container always looks like this, messy and unorganized. My favorites in this stash are Yves St. Laurent lipstick in Faubourg Peach, ELF lipstick in Natural Nymph, NYX lipsticks in Iris and Orange Soda, Gosh lipstick in Darling and Revlon lipgloss in Peach Petal

The lip glosses pictured above are not reached for very often and consist of numerous different brands. If I was to choose my favorites I would go with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush gloss in Slice of Heaven, Maybelline Shiny-licious in Crushed Candy and Covergirl Wetslicks AmazeMint in No Care Bare

What are your favorite lipstick and gloss shades in your collection?


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