While many women evolve over the years when it comes to makeup, hair and clothing style, some do not. There is nothing wrong with this, it all depends on what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel good. I personally have always changed my look from year to year. I get bored with the same thing and am easily inspired by different looks that can be created. I am always aware of current trends and pick and choose different aspects of those specific trends and morph them into my own personal look. As for cosmetics, I have been customizing my routine continuously over the years and have learned what works for me and how to keep it looking fresh and vibrant as time goes by. Many women fear aging but honestly, there is no need to…we become more beautiful as we age because of all we have learned about what works for us. I personally feel more beautiful with every year that passes because of the knowledge I have gained along the way in all aspects. I have developed a personal style that is my own and it will only get better with time. It’s never ending…it’s our journey.