So as promised here is my review of the products I recently picked up. Just to inform you I purchased these products myself and have decided to review them on my own. I was not approached by the product companies to write about them. Soooo…on to the review! I will start with the Bath and Body Works Lotion in the scent “Charmed Life“. I am a sucker for scents and collect perfume, lotions and body sprays so whenever a new scent comes out I have to test it out! Charmed Life, as described on the Bath and Body Works website smells of “juicy guava, sparkling pear and creamy vanilla musk”. It almost reminds me of how some of the higher end perfumes on the market smell. Fruity, yet not too sweet or overwhelming with that underlying sophisticated hint of must. The warm musky notes in this scent make me feel like this is going to be one of my favorite fall body lotions! The next three items are the cute little Lancôme Paris perfume samples which I got at Macy’s. First I tried “Tresor“, which in the bottle and in magazine sample pages I love the scent which is warm, sophisticated and sweet. But on my skin, it takes on a different scent. Keep in mind, we all have different body chemistry and perfumes will smell different on everyone. I will have to try this one a few more times but I have a feeling this one may go to a friend to try! Now the other two I very much enjoyed! I was informed by the lady at the Lancôme counter that “Hypnose” is the most popular scent (at least at her counter). This would be more of a night time scent I believe. The aroma is rich and slightly sweet. I will definitely be using this sample up! The third scent is “Tresor In Love“. I AM in love with this scent! I have been pairing it with my Charmed Life lotion and they actually go well together! “Tresor In Love” has a crisp, clean floral and slightly citrus aroma to it. I will probably buy a full sized bottle at some point.

I have been wearing perfume since I was about 10 or 11 and have always had a good sized collection. I feel naked without applying some kind of scented lotion or perfume daily! I am happy with these new items and will actually do 2 separate review posts for the Maybelline Foundation and L’Oreal Feria Hair color because I have quite a bit to say about those!